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by eriknilsson
Oct 7, 2009
3:05 PM

Being evaluated

Added noconflict as a application setting and cleaned out all the generic $ selectors from the supplied controls. This can probably be done in a much better way, but i wanted to try this module for a project im working on and could not use it without noconflict. I changed a number of classes and added a few items (mainly a JQueryCommand util class and a javascript file), so I'm just uploading the entire solution as a zip file.

The noconflict setting is true by default.

This have not been tested that extensively, so beware :)


by FcoLomas
Aug 5, 2009
2:02 AM

Being evaluated

When you build a Accordion Control via code, and a PostBack is performed the Accordion tries to load the post data there is no Views! and it causes an IndexOutOutRangeException, so to prevent that in the method LoadPostBackData a Views.Count control added to try to load the data. This removes the exception and the behaviors are right.


by FcoLomas
Aug 5, 2009
1:48 AM

Being evaluated

Changed the ClientScriptManager Class so it don't use the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Classes and runs over Mono Project 2.4


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